Mary Beadle

Mon 29 Apr 2013
6:15 PM - 9:00 PM

Pope Room and Auditorium

John Carroll University Communications professor, Mary Beadle will give a presentation about the significant effect that the U.S. media (magazines, newspapers, television, movies, etc) have on radio and television programming in South American countries, as well as the influence it has on South American consumers. Her research was done primarily in Argentina.

6:15 Wine
6:45 Dinner
8:00 Program

Dinner Menu:
– Caesar salad
– Salmon OR Sauerbraten
– Potato pancakes
– Sweet & sour red cabbage
– Pecan pie

Members: $20
Guests: $25

Call or email the Club office with your reservation(s) and entree selection by noon on Friday, April 26.
(216) 231-1683 or clubmanager&